In 2012 Stadium Masters celebrated its 20th anniversary and to honour the occasion, the committee decided to publish the history of the club. In doing so, many lists have been compiled. 

Since 1993, Stadium Masters has been hosting interclub Competions. These competitions, previously known as the Be Active Club Challenge are now known as the LiveLighter Club Challenge. The winners list can be found here.

Competitions in which Snappers have competed.

A number of Club Awards are presented annually to encourage participation and recognises extraordinary individual performances in Club and Masters Swimming WA events. Descriptions of the awards follow.

The Improves Like Fine Wine Award (ILFWA) was introduced some time in 1996 to recognise achievements of swimmers who may never win annual swimming awards and whose successes may otherwise go unnoticed. It takes the form of a rosette in Club colours and is presented at irregular intervals whenever a swimmer deserves acknowledgement for their effort.

The SuperSnapper Award was introduced in June 2013 to replace the ILFW Award.

This is a list of meetings held and newsletters issued.

Here are the Club Records from 2004. 

The Club Records uses Team Manager (TM) as the results management application. Results are automatically uploaded and processed for each member from BACC’s and sanctioned event results. Club swims, Aerobic swims (e1000) and best times are entered manually to TM to create the club records.

Every effort was taken to ensure correctness of these results. Swimmers are requested to report any anomalies to the Club Recorder to maintain accuracy of the Snappers’ Club Records. 

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