SuperSnapper Award


2019 Supersnapper Award

April 2019 SuperSnappers!!

  For our April Super Snapper Award - we have not one Super Snapper but two! 

For month of April the Super Snapper Award was jointly won by Bill Woodhouse and Helen Green for their excellent swimming results. Bill for his performance at the Mandurah LLCC and Helen at the club swim.

Bill’s results – 2 x 1st, 1 x 2nd – 1st - FR25-PAB and IM100 - PAB/best since ’13. 2nd- FR100 – PAB/best since 2017. The latter was his best result as it was only 2 sec behind his PB set in 2013

Helen’s results – BA50 - PB, BR50  - PAB, FR50 - PAB and best since 2017.

Congratulations Bill and made us proud!

Helen Super Snapper April 2019 Bill Supersnapper April 2019



The SuperSnapper Award was introduced in June 2013 to recognise achievements of swimmers. Previous winners can be found in the Archive Section.